The Baghead Chronicles
Erika Jaeggli and I collaborated to produce The Baghead Chronicles: two experimental digital video shorts in DVD format. "Mr. Baghead Takes a Good Look at Himself" and "Mr. Baghead Goes to Work for the Last Time" play with the relationship between video/audio, invert filmic conventions regarding facial expressions, and explore branching narratives. Both projects feature a protagonist with a brown paper bag for a head.

  • storyboarded both concepts.
  • shot and edited all digital footage.
  • created graphical, video, and audio assets for final DVD production.
  • designed DVD menu functionality
  • scripted interactivity for the DVD environment.

    DVD version: Final Cut Pro 3, DVD Studio Pro, Audacity, ProTools, Photoshop.
    Web version: original assets ported to the Flash MX environment.

    where & when
    Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York, NY.
    Fall 2002.

  • click thumbnails for screenshots
    * exhibited in the 2002 ITP Winter Show.