Cocktail Hour
Cocktail Hour is a prototype for a flash-based, invent-your-own-cocktail application. Users get to pick the glass they wish to use (different glasses hold different amounts), add liquors and mixers, name their concoction and then generate a review of their drink (determined by the number and type of ingredients). Ideally, this application would be infused with "drink-logic," which would create realistic reviews ("such-and-such liquors clash," "this combination of ingredients is already a common cocktail," etc). The prototype, however only generates complimentary reviews, rifling through arrays of descriptive adjectives unique to each ingredient to "choose" its words. Cocktail Hour is designed in a fun, 50's lounge-style and involved intensive ActionScripting. Melora Heavey also contributed ActionScript to the project.

  • storyboarded concept and user experience flow.
  • conceived, designed and created graphical assets.
  • edited and optimized looping sound files.
  • ActionScripted site functionality.

    v.1: Flash 5, PhotoShop, ActionScript, Audacity.
    v.2: currently being built in Flash MX, v2 will feature more dynamic animation and streamlined code.

    where & when
    Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York, NY.
    Spring 2002.

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    * appeared in student showcase site