AMC's Monsterfest
AMC's Monsterfest '99, a mini-site within the site, was created to promote AMC's on-air Halloween programming. A tremendous on-air event for the cable channel, Monsterfest also needed to be an exciting event online. The client wanted the thematic online promotion to be fun and new, yet adhere to the overall reverential/golden-age-of-Hollywood tone of the site. All site features had to directly promote on-air programming, and the design had to stay true to the design of, yet be theme-appropriate. Monsterfest turned out to be a $100,000 project that exceeded all of the client's expectations.

As Associate Producer at Thoughtbubble Productions responsible for the maintenance of, I requested and received the Monsterfest project to run with. During the 45 day production schedule I:
  • conceptualized all features and games for the sitelet in collaboration with an Executive Producer.
  • drafted business proposal/requirements documents for each site feature to be presented to the client.
  • designed the Monsterfest '99 sitelet within the design constraints of
  • broke out design into HTML/JavaScript pages.
  • created all site graphics.
  • architected all site information.
  • copywrote all but the feature-length editorial.
  • managed team of 5 multimedia producers: 1 video resource, 1 Director resource and 3 Flash resources.
  • collaborated with video specialist to create polished presentations and narratives out of raw footage.
  • collaborated with multimedia specialists to ensure that all Flash/Director features/games fulfilled the creative vision of our proposal and the promotional/business objectives of our client.
  • coordinated the web coverage of AMC's national "Cuddles the She-Creature" hot-air balloon tour.
  • consulted with AMC's copyright department to ensure that all photographs and video clips were legally usable.
  • QA'd site for cross browser/cross platform compatibility.

    Rainbow Media Group

    HTML, PhotoShop, ImageReady, JavaScript, QuickTime. My role required demonstrated familiarity with the capabilities of Flash 4, Director and Premiere.

    where & when
    Thoughtbubble Productions, New York, NY.
    September - October 1999.

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    * featured in dedicated on-air interstitials.

    * drew an unprecedented amount of traffic to

    * featured as a showpiece in Thoughtbubble Productions' corporate portfolio:
    "...highlights include the development of a full suite of original content to complement AMC's on-air 'Monsterfest.' Consisting of games, interactive features and a rich, compelling design, AMC's Monsterfest mini-site succeeded in attracting viewers, entertaining them, and then re-directing them to AMC's on-air programming."