Storyboard: An Emergent Narrative is the project site for an interactive art installation. Jake Barton, Ryan Leffel, Susan Leopold and I collaborated to conceive and create the installation, which explored the idea of emergence as it relates to the creation of narrative. In the story space of the installation, users were invited to create a narrative by interacting with the game board pieces. We hoped that macro behaviors would emerge as players adhered to a short list of micro-rules. We were not disappointed. Gameplay was documented through the use of a surveillance camera. The generated narrative was recorded through the use of Polaroids. I created the Storyboard project site to document the installation and our findings.

  • collaborated to create physical installation.
  • collected assets for the project site including installation Polaroids, surveillance camera images and digital photgraphs of installation components.
  • designed project site.
  • broke out design into HTML pages and JavaScript powered slideshows.
  • wrote all site copy.

    HTML, JavaScript, PhotoShop, ImageReady.

    where & when
    Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York, NY.
    Fall 2001.

  • click thumbnails for screenshots
    * interactive installation featured in week-long exhibit at ITP.